2nd UBRS training

Listening and trying to digest what I have heard from the training, it gave me an idea of why it is happening. Why is the child reacting like this? Why am I reacting like this?  I am grateful that I get this opportunity to be reminded again.

 After this session, I particularly think of myself. What can I do, what do I need to do so I can manage my own reactions to my students in class and outside class. I have heard so many times about knowing and understanding myself but I had always put it as a last solution. At the end of the day, I really have to INCREASE THE CHANCE FOR POSITIVE OUTCOME and it will have to come from understanding me and the others around me. Safety is for everyone. I will always need to identify and find out the triggers that have triggered the behaviour.
 Just something for a smile but this picture says it all. Every teacher at the beginning of the year are full on …

ORAL LANGUAGE with Dr. Jannie

Oral language has been used in my class but it was mainly about news sharing. When we started this year, everyone got a chance to share anything they want to share but it was mostly from their experiences in the weekend or a party they attended.

What I found mostly, they seem to copy what I have told them about my weekend or what the child before them have said. They particularly share about going to the  pools.

I had a great experience by just listening to what Dr Jannie have shared with us in our staff professional development today. I have felt that it is at church, everyone should be perfect proclaiming His word but now I know, it has to start with our students in class and at everything they do.

I particularly love the idea of using what is available for the parents (us) locally. It is something that we never stop to appreciate and know that it is there. There's many places they can walk, run, or just sit and observe but to encourage that language between them and their chil…


I have been looking forward to a successful evening as I work with a student that really needs my awareness of how to deal with him/her.

I have been foretold about how and what to do but to get it straight from someone who makes her living out of this will be perfect for me as a teacher and a mother.
It is a great surprising after I heard the conversation.  It is important to put students and staff wellbeing before anyone else. I am well aware of what to do now when anything happens so I can look after myself first and the other kids.  These are a few things that I vividly remember from the course. 
Guidance to use if I have to use physical restraint 1. Call for help 2. Call police if child cannot be managed safely 3.Can only be applied by teachers or authorised staff

Following an incident  involving physical restraint 1. Check staff member and students they are not in shock 2. Tell the parents/guardian on the same day the event happened 3.Let everyone involved with the child know
Individual Beh…

Great learning with you all!!! DFI Intake 3rd Term 2017.

Every good thing will come to an end, it is exactly how I feel right now. It is the last day of our DFI. I have always looked forward to seeing everyone on Fridays. It is a day of learning and a day of gathering all the information that I can use in class or at school.

To-day is a new stepping stone to a better understanding about google and its usage. I will try to be the best in what I do by using all I have learnt. Google usage not just at school but also with my other stuff at home.

I was also reminded to-day about the network that we can use around New Zealand. There's always someone to lend a hand if I will need help. I am definitely going to use them if I am stuck with anything. I will also try to achieve my goals of being a Visible teacher. It will be an ongoing goal. Theres opportunities out there for everyone on the Manaiakalani Website.

Thank you to all my fellow colleagues who journeyed with us every Friday this 3rd Term of 2017. Malo 'aupito to our facilitators, D…

New Site - DFI 15.9.

Link to my New Site
Kia Ora, te na kotou, te na kotou katoa. It is Maori Language Week and I am so delightful due to many things I have learnt throughout this week and especially at my course to-day.  
To-day with our facilitators, James & Gerhard, I learnt to create a site using "new site". Instead of using our classical site, I used "new site". Way easy to work with and it is not time consuming. I am already planning in my head what to do for Term 4. I will definitely use "new site" to set up my site for Term 4. I still had to use google draw to help me with my buttons and I used screen shot to links all my other sites (colleagues) onto my site.  The using of "new site", is less time consuming. If I need to edit it, I will only press it twice and it will let me edit on the spot. To insert links, I just need to embed the url or insert video straight into it if it's in my drive. 
I have also set up my calendar to book my exams for next Frid…

DFI - Connected Learners & Teachers

Malo e lelei, 'oku ou talitali lelei koe ki he'eku ngaue ne fakahoko 'i he'eku kalasi DFI(Digital Fluency Intensive) 'i he 'aho ni.

To - day we started with a prayer in Tongan. To be honest, I felt so rupturous to hear my language at an amass like this. Happy Tongan Language week everyone. "Malo e feinga malohi", it means thank you for trying so hard.

I found out that T. Cout is available to help me with any online work that I would need within my work. I can't wait for my class to have their own blogs so we can join Tuhi mai, tuhi atu. Spending a little time looking at other sites gave me ideas of what to do with my site and what is important to be on my site. I really need to make sure it should LEAD LEARNING for my learners and their families.

At the moment, my site is more teacher based, I will try my best to make it a child friendly site, eg, have a look at this site. With reference to Miss Peck and her class.
This site is very easy to expedi…

HTML for Sites

I have actually achieved my WALT of getting my buttons to work on my site. At first, I had to make sure the maths work is done before I would do any work on the site. Planning ahead is not just for paper work, we will still need it to sort our sites out. I have used tables to insert images using png into my site. It has to be 1080pxls, if its more than 1 table and if its just the whole page, I will have to use 1200pxls. It is easier when you work with someone who knows it so when you are stuck, they can always remind you what you have to do. I will also need to make sure that I use it always so I am used to it. A great start is half the battle. Yep, "sites" here I come. 

Here's what I did using the html as a practise. I believe that I have done well and will do much better next week.