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Even though I was away to-day due to my son's medical condition, I am grateful to Kelsey for her blog. I have read it and she has clearly explained how to do Screencastify. I will also need to make sure I comment on most or every kid's work. This is to encourage them and to ensure that we value their work, their time and effort on every piece they have published. Even though I do not have students blogs in my class, I can comment on other kids' work. I will also be looking forward to a day when my little ones will be able to write and post their own work.

Here's what Kelsey put on her post. Thank you Kelsey.

K.Parrant blog-

My very first site by me!!!

Can you believe it? I managed to sit and set up a very simple site so it will help my students. With the help of our 2 facilitators, Dorothy & Gerhard. It was interesting to see how I needed to put things together.  I started with looking at all the other sites I have created in the past. I only had my 2016 class site and my 2017 class site. My class site for 2017 really need some touch up, I am sure it will happen by the end of this term.

I managed to pick what format I needed to use. I picked the 3 columns with a heading so I can name my site. The challenging part of this, was when I tried to set up my heading. I learnt to - day that google draw is the best to use and to set the margins with 1200 so it will fit in the box perfectly. To insert a clip, it has to be on custom and type in 340x340 depending on the format I am using.

When my heading was done, I went into my 3 columns and inserted all the information that I have created with my teachers on a padlet. This was about a s…

Multi Modal

23rd August, 2017.  At DFI to-day, I learnt to use multi modals when I am planning my lessons for class. It is an opportunity for me to see that my planning can be done using these ways. This is to help my learners find their way using many options of modals. When my learners will be happy, they will enjoy to learn more. These are the thing that I have found and will use in my learning and teaching.  This post is mainly to remind me of multi modal. 
Multi Modal as well as multi text - Writing/ Books. Videos Photos/ images News articles Blogs Audio Podcasts Animations Gifs Physical experiences


At our course to-day, we concentrated on how to CREATE. It's about how I am, as a teacher hook the learner into what he/she needs to learn. It was well presented to us. This picture from the presentation have made me think of what I need to be and need to do for my learners.
I believe, I have to make sure that I have empowered myself and my students to their learning. To do this, I have to make sure that each of my learners knows what they are doing. Whatever is it that they have created, it has been obtained with the best of their ability, than I am happy with it.
I have to be creative so my learners will CREATE by combining sight, sound and motion with innovation and accuracy.MOTIVATE MY LEARNERS TO ENGAGE WITH THE CURRICULUM!!

Sharing through screen recording -

I have been trying to play around with many things that I have learnt from our learning to-day. I felt that I did not know much about google until I joined this group. This is making my life easier as a teacher, a mother and an aunty.
I have learnt that I am more confident to share with other teachers about what I create at school for my class or the school as a whole. I am very confident to do screen recording now, but I will have to warn you that my first screen recording is a learning curve for me as it is not what I have expected it to be.
I will say that screen recording is definitely a YES YES for myself and my learners. I will use it to record what I do with my kids. This is to make sure that what I intended for my learners to find is achieved and to keep it for my own use as a future learning tool. It will be easier for me to improve on my learning journey.
Everything that I have learnt to-day will be for work and my personal life. I will definitely do some work on my personal …

Google Map of our Holidays.

At our Digital Intensive Fluency, I learnt about how to use google maps as part of my journey, being a teacher. I am grateful that I have a way of tracking where I am and can do the same with my kids. I shared the place where I had my best holiday. I tracked it on the map with the other teachers that were there. With the other teachers, we all managed to use our phones to locate where our car parked and where we are travelling. This could be a way for the kids to find out what they can do and where they  have travelled with their family.

I have really enjoyed this session and seeing all these teachers with us on our trip around the world. I am looking forward for our session next week.