At our course to-day, we concentrated on how to CREATE. It's about how I am, as a teacher hook the learner into what he/she needs to learn. It was well presented to us. This picture from the presentation have made me think of what I need to be and need to do for my learners.
I believe, I have to make sure that I have empowered myself and my students to their learning. To do this, I have to make sure that each of my learners knows what they are doing. Whatever is it that they have created, it has been obtained with the best of their ability, than I am happy with it.
I have to be creative so my learners will CREATE by combining sight, sound and motion with innovation and accuracy.MOTIVATE MY LEARNERS TO ENGAGE WITH THE CURRICULUM!!


  1. Nicely said Kuilei. School without create opportunities would be deadly boring for children (and the teacher to be fair!). I am pleased that you have connected with this important step in our Manaiakalani pedagogy.

    1. Thank you Dorothy. I will try and keep that in mind.


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