My very first site by me!!!

Can you believe it? I managed to sit and set up a very simple site so it will help my students. With the help of our 2 facilitators, Dorothy & Gerhard. It was interesting to see how I needed to put things together.  I started with looking at all the other sites I have created in the past. I only had my 2016 class site and my 2017 class site. My class site for 2017 really need some touch up, I am sure it will happen by the end of this term.

I managed to pick what format I needed to use. I picked the 3 columns with a heading so I can name my site. The challenging part of this, was when I tried to set up my heading. I learnt to - day that google draw is the best to use and to set the margins with 1200 so it will fit in the box perfectly. To insert a clip, it has to be on custom and type in 340x340 depending on the format I am using.

When my heading was done, I went into my 3 columns and inserted all the information that I have created with my teachers on a padlet. This was about a story called, The Lion and the mouse. We have collected things using the multi modal format. We used the information to make up our sites. This has been a great experience where I sit and set up my own site. It is a new beginning for me. I just need to continue on doing this to help me improve and so are my learners.



  1. Well done Kuilei. I am pleased to support you making the most of this opportunity to develop these important skills. I look forward to seeing how you apply this learning to your class site now.

    1. Hi Dorothy, I have tried working on my current site and now that I have just learnt about new sites, I will be using new sites more.

  2. Awesome stuff Kuilei. I enjoyed reading your reflections of the session, and look forward to seeing how you use this learning to develop your class and professional standards site :)

    1. Thank you Gerhard, I have been trying every day to improve my site. Doing 'new site' today is just a new direction of life as a teacher. Thank you so much for NEW SITES.


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