Sharing through screen recording -

I have been trying to play around with many things that I have learnt from our learning to-day. I felt that I did not know much about google until I joined this group. This is making my life easier as a teacher, a mother and an aunty.
I have learnt that I am more confident to share with other teachers about what I create at school for my class or the school as a whole. I am very confident to do screen recording now, but I will have to warn you that my first screen recording is a learning curve for me as it is not what I have expected it to be.
I will say that screen recording is definitely a YES YES for myself and my learners. I will use it to record what I do with my kids. This is to make sure that what I intended for my learners to find is achieved and to keep it for my own use as a future learning tool. It will be easier for me to improve on my learning journey.
Everything that I have learnt to-day will be for work and my personal life. I will definitely do some work on my personal calendar and my personal email. I have set up my personal email to be delivered onto my work email. Life will be more easier so I will not check 2 emails. Life will be so much easier.
Before posting my very very first screen recording, I will have to let you know that the sound is not well and I would recommend that you do not listen to the whole discussion. I will try and set up my second screen recording to be better than this one. Regards to Kelsey from Christchurch and Kaysee from Tamaki College for this great discussion on Soane's work.


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