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Malo e lelei, 'oku ou talitali lelei koe ki he'eku ngaue ne fakahoko 'i he'eku kalasi DFI(Digital Fluency Intensive) 'i he 'aho ni.

To - day we started with a prayer in Tongan. To be honest, I felt so rupturous to hear my language at an amass like this. Happy Tongan Language week everyone. "Malo e feinga malohi", it means thank you for trying so hard.

I found out that T. Cout is available to help me with any online work that I would need within my work. I can't wait for my class to have their own blogs so we can join Tuhi mai, tuhi atu. Spending a little time looking at other sites gave me ideas of what to do with my site and what is important to be on my site. I really need to make sure it should LEAD LEARNING for my learners and their families.

At the moment, my site is more teacher based, I will try my best to make it a child friendly site, eg, have a look at this site. With reference to Miss Peck and her class.
This site is very easy to expedite myself within my own site. I have done some work in Term 1 and will try and update this Term. At the same time, I will try to start up my Term 4 site too.  There is the need for me to make sure that my site is updated too. I also had a look at Ako Hiko's Education site for what is needed at a site and how it should appear.  I needed to take a copy of it so I can always recall on it to remind me.

Before I came to-day, I had these in mind and hoping that I can actually achieve one of them.
I have updated part of my site for this term, have started my site for term 4 and have identified what to do with my buttons to get the appropriate information. I am quite ecstatic that I have learnt so much and have tried all my learning goals for to-day.


  1. Malo e lelei. I was also delighted to have someone brave and willing to conduct lotu for us in your lovely language. We are all enriched when we share, and on this day we got to share language as well as practice. Keep helping us to use your language as I will admit I find it quite challenging to get my tongue in the right place with many of the words! You are very clever to be fluent in three languages- Tongan, English and Digital :)


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