Great learning with you all!!! DFI Intake 3rd Term 2017.

Every good thing will come to an end, it is exactly how I feel right now. It is the last day of our DFI. I have always looked forward to seeing everyone on Fridays. It is a day of learning and a day of gathering all the information that I can use in class or at school.

To-day is a new stepping stone to a better understanding about google and its usage. I will try to be the best in what I do by using all I have learnt. Google usage not just at school but also with my other stuff at home.

I was also reminded to-day about the network that we can use around New Zealand. There's always someone to lend a hand if I will need help. I am definitely going to use them if I am stuck with anything. I will also try to achieve my goals of being a Visible teacher. It will be an ongoing goal. Theres opportunities out there for everyone on the Manaiakalani Website.

Thank you to all my fellow colleagues who journeyed with us every Friday this 3rd Term of 2017. Malo 'aupito to our facilitators, D.Burt, G. Vermeulen & M.Goodwin. I have enjoyed every Friday, and wishing you all the best for the next intake.

Ka kite 'til next time.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the nine weeks with us as we upskilled in our digital fluency. Your attitude to learning is so positive and it is a delight to spend time with you. Do continue to share your practice and your thoughts, the things you are trying and the ideas you have on this blog.


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