HTML for Sites

I have actually achieved my WALT of getting my buttons to work on my site. At first, I had to make sure the maths work is done before I would do any work on the site. Planning ahead is not just for paper work, we will still need it to sort our sites out. I have used tables to insert images using png into my site. It has to be 1080pxls, if its more than 1 table and if its just the whole page, I will have to use 1200pxls. It is easier when you work with someone who knows it so when you are stuck, they can always remind you what you have to do. I will also need to make sure that I use it always so I am used to it. A great start is half the battle. Yep, "sites" here I come. 

Here's what I did using the html as a practise. I believe that I have done well and will do much better next week.



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