New Site - DFI 15.9.

Kia Ora, te na kotou, te na kotou katoa. It is Maori Language Week and I am so delightful due to many things I have learnt throughout this week and especially at my course to-day.  

To-day with our facilitators, James & Gerhard, I learnt to create a site using "new site". Instead of using our classical site, I used "new site". Way easy to work with and it is not time consuming. I am already planning in my head what to do for Term 4. I will definitely use "new site" to set up my site for Term 4. I still had to use google draw to help me with my buttons and I used screen shot to links all my other sites (colleagues) onto my site.  The using of "new site", is less time consuming. If I need to edit it, I will only press it twice and it will let me edit on the spot. To insert links, I just need to embed the url or insert video straight into it if it's in my drive. 

I have also set up my calendar to book my exams for next Friday.  James also shared with us the using of padlet as a massive reactive whiteboard with everyone's ideas. You can also monitor who to view it especially if its with the whole class or another class. 

I am so looking forward to my Term 4 site and of course 2018. Bring it on!!!


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